Winter Applied Military Training

Hellenic Army Academy conducted Winter Applied Military Training from 27 Jan to 21 Feb 20. In this context:

1. In the Field of Ymittos Operations (I Class):
a. Portable firearms (rifle, machine gun and pistol) and grenade launchers.
b. 15 and 20 km combat routes.
c. Topography themes (orientation, map reading, etc.), transmissions, fighter techniques.
d. Regular Military Operations without troops and with troops flat teams and Dries at different stages of the race.

2. At military practices of unorthodox war facilities (Kilkis) (Class IIa) they were trained in military themes in Residential Areas.

3. At the facilities of Special Forces Training Center (Rentina) (Class IIa) were trained:
a. On items of personal tactics, saboteurs, disasters.
b. In mountain racing techniques.

4. In the Field of Candlestick Exercises (3rd Class):
a. Amphibious companies in collaboration with Special forces
b. Co-trainings with the Army Air Force and Arms Operations.

5. In the Field of Masonry (3rd Class) the following subjects were trained:
a. Αrtillery training.
b. Tracking of 105 mm fire trailers
c. Layer, split and lift mines.
d. Installation of military operations center Formation in the campaign.

6. The following basic knowledge was acquired at the Special Forces Mountain Training Center facilities (Class IV):
a. Living and working in snow-covered areas.
b. Learning skiing and skiing techniques.
c. Shootings in adverse weather conditions.

7. Basic knowledge of First Aid objects in the Battlefield has been acquired at the premises of Special force’s Campus(Nea Peramos).