Participation of the Academy’s Commandant to the European Military Academies Commandants’ Seminar (EMACS)

The Commandant of the Academy from 17 to 19 October 17 participated in the European Military Academy Commandants' Seminar (EMACS). which was organized in Tartu, by the Estonian National Defense College (ENDC).

This activity was attended by 32 persons, from 24 institutions, from 20 countries.

During the event, there were presentations about the activities of the European Initiative for the Exchange of Young Military Officers (Military Erasmus), such as the Common Modules, the International Semester and the creation of a common understanding on the training of future EU Officers. Additionally, it was presented the structure and mission of the European Security and Defense College (ESDC), through which the Military Erasmus Initiative, which is the responsible organization of the External Action Service (EEAS) in regard to the training on Common Security and Defense Policy. In this context, it was highlighted that the Hellenic Military Academies have an active participation to the Initiative and particularly the Hellenic Army Academy, which is the first in Hellas to apply the International Semester, which will give the opportunity to the Cadets to attend an entire academic semester at military institutions abroad that are involved in this initiative.

Also, during the program, there were raised issues such as the science based military training, the lessons learned and how these were included in Officers’ training, the Sectoral Qualification Framework of Officers developed by ESDC, and the inclusion of foreign languages in institutions’ curricula. Finally, the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Defense of Estonia, Jonatan Vseviov, raised the issue of the importance of military cooperation in the EU.

The participants had the opportunity to have a wide-ranging exchange of views on the issues concerning the educational activities of their institutions and how they are coordinated and operate at EU level, and in particular the Military Erasmus Initiative, as well as developed relations on exchanging training methods and practices through the staff and students’ mobilities.

The next EMACS will be held in Austria and will be hosted by Theresan Military Academy (TMA) from 24 to 27 October 2018.