International Semester 2019-2020 under Erasmus PLUS Program

During the period from 24 February to 12 June 2020, the Hellenic Army Academy within the framework of the Military Erasmus program organizes the International Semester 2019-2020.

This curriculum, which is conducted in English language and the individual Common Modules are attended by 3 Austrian, 07 Romanian and 34 Greek of the 3rd year Cadets, as well as 2 Italian young officers who alternate 1 academic week in every 1 theme (Common Module).

In addition to the academic benefits of this action, students from the other Military Academies live together in the Hellenic Army's residence and training areas, exchange experiences and aspects for 6 months, are informed of its history and participate in our educational tours promoting Greek culture and our country in general, contributing to the further improvement of the Academy’s international cooperation with other Military Academies.

During the program and in the context of international mobility, faculty members of the other Military Academies teach in the Hellenic Army Academy, as well as faculty members of the Academy in other Military Academies.

During the same period, 3 Greek of the 3rd year Cadets are attending the same program (International Semester) at the Romanian Military Academy.