About the Academy

Dear Visitors,

   The Hellenic Army Academy ( Evelpidon), was the personal vision of the first Governor of Greece, Ioannis Kapodistrias, who is also its founder. In June 1828, he announced its establishment and was the one that called the first five students "Evelpides".

   The long-lasting History of the School has been tightly connected with the History of the Greek Nation of modern times, as it has been the fertile soil out of which sprang personalities that played a significant role in the history of our country.

   The School has made its presence felt in every single struggle of the nation through active participation, since it has always been the cradle for officers who fight and sacrifice themselves for whatever our Nation regards as "Sacred" and "Ideal".

   Having acknowledged the Academy’s tremendous contribution to the Nation’s service, the Greek State awarded a War Flag to the Academy in 1926 and then in 1931 decorated it with the Medal for Military Valor, A’ Class; the War Cross, A’ Class in 1943; the Knight Commander of Order of Merit for Gallant Actions in 1946; and the Grand Cross Star of the Royal Order of the Redeemer in 1978.

   The main mission of the Academy is to provide the Hellenic Army with leaders versed in the military science through living in a military environment and undergoing the many-sided military and academic education.

   The Cadets’ entrance to the Academy is made possible after they have successfully passed the Pan-Hellenic University Entrance Exams and achieved high grades. The Education Program lasts four years. Each academic year is divided in two semesters. The Winter Semester starts in September and ends in February, while the Spring Semester starts in March and ends in August. Each semester includes both Military and Academic Education, theoretical as well as practical.

   Each Academic Year consists of 39 weeks, 26 of which are of academic nature and 13 are of purely military one. Four of these weeks are devoted to the Final Written Exams of Semesters A and B, while for 8 weeks Cadets are on a leave of absence away from the Academy.

   The Academy provides Cadets with broad Academic education which both complements and broadens Military education and training.. The Academic Program includes courses from a broad field of sciences, ranging from Humanities and Social Studies to Applied Sciences, from Chemistry to History, and from Psychology to Engineering.

   Military education starts in the first year when each Cadet undergoes Basic Military Education and is trained in individual tactics. His training continues in the following years till he/she becomes well-versed in how to command a team and a platoon; he/she also learns the basic elements of organization and function of an Infantry Company. Military Education and Training takes place either in the area of Vari or in other places around Greece, such as Litochoro in Pieria, and Parnassus, etc.

   Physical training plays an important role in each Cadet’s education as it aims at making his/her body strong enough to face hardships of all sorts in a demanding military life on the one hand, and secondly to prepare him/her for the role of the prospective educator/trainer, who will be able to prepare his/her own safe and effective program of physical training for his subordinates.

Apart from the intensive physical training program, the Academy, annually organizes Sports Games between the two Battalions in a variety of sports, as well as Games among the three Military Academies (Army, Naval, Air-force). Our School can boast of a large number of victories annually.

   The Cadets Corps has been organized to form a Regiment consisting of two Battalions. Each of these battalions has been given the name of a dead hero. The 1st Cadets Battalion has been named after Major Ioannis Velissarius, while the 2nd Cadets Battalion after Major Ioannis Paparrodou. Nowadays, the Academy educates Cadets from twenty different countries. This multi-nationality in the composition of Cadets confers upon the Academy the title of an ambassador of our morality and traditions beyond the borders of Greece. All Cadets, regardless of their nationality and sex, attend the same intensive and demanding program of Academic and Military Education.

   Having completed their studies in this Academy, a lot of graduates become eligible and carry on their studies either by attending post-graduate programs or taking other undergraduate courses leading to a second Degree, in Greek or foreign universities.

   To mould Cadets into Leaders, each one of the Academic and Military Staff, offers himself/herself as an example so as to initiate young Cadets as soon as they enter the Academy into the Ideals and Principles, typical of a Greek Officer. Individual morality is a must and life in the Academy is determined by the Cadets’ Code of Honor.

   The Academy is in the process of updating its Education Program in an effort to provide prospective Greek Officers with academic and military education of a constantly improved nature.