Summer Training of Hellenic Military Academy Cadets

On Sunday, 26th of July 2020, the summer training of the Hellenic Military Academy was completed, which this year took place on the training fields of ​​Litochoro and Ymmitos.

After the completion of the academic semester, began the last period of the military training.

With a focus  on thorough military training, in parallel with the strict  implementation of measures to prevent and avoid the spread of COVID-19, the training was conducted in rotation in Litochoro and the training facilities of the Academy, where took place  the objects such as technical climbing, disembarkation from Huey type helicopter, CQB, experience in the leadership and command of battle groups using "airsoft" type weapons, sea training and river crossing.

The variety of objects aims to adapt the level of Evelpis to the requirements of the modern operational environment, based on the dynamic planning of the future. To achieve these goals, painstaking training is carried out with a high level of realism and pressure, in order to the future leaders of the military are called to respond to.