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Friday 31/07/2015
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The sacrifice of Zaloggos

After Ali Pasha’s treaty with the Souliots on 12 December 1803, the inhabitants of Souli had to evacuate their homeland. So, while leaving they were divided in two groups. The one group, which included the Daglis, Drakos, Zorbas, Tzavellas, Panomaras families etc., was bound to Parga, while the second group, including the Koutsonikas, Malamos, Botsaris families, and some others, left in the direction of Zaloggo. Ali Pasha, then, failed to keep his promise, disregarded the terms of the treaty and ordered the persecution of the Souliots. Out of the two groups, the second one did not manage to avoid destruction.  The participants of the second group reached Zaloggo, which was an eight-hour distance journey from Souli village, with about ten houses.  Then the group climbed on to the peak for greater safety, where the Zaloggos Monastery lay.

On 16 December, Ali Pasha’s troops under the Albanian Commander Bekir Tzigaroro reached the foot of Zaloggo. Then the Souliots fortified themselves inside the monastery and kept away the attacking troops on the 16 and 17 of the month. But the next day, 18th December, Koutsonicas and his companions surrendered, while 53 women with their children, and 13 men resorted to a nearby rock, called ‘Stefant’. However, some 147 men, under Kitsos Tzavellas made sudden attack and managed to escape and save themselves. When the Albanians climbed up the Monastery and took possession of it, they captured everyone they found inside. Then the women, who had resorted to the high rock, chose to throw their children into the precipice first, and then started a dance and one by one jumped to death to avoid being disgraced.

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